BusinessWindows 11 tips: Here is how you can make it look stunning

Windows 11 tips: Here is how you can make it look stunning

Explore the following Windows 11 tips and tricks to personalize your Windows 11 experience. Here are some steps to personalize Windows 11 wallpaper and lock screen.

Are you bored with the standard Windows 11 wallpaper? If so, then should know that you can spice it up by changing the wallpaper and the lock screen. You can alter the themes, wallpapers, and colors for the Windows 11 display from a range of choices. Windows offers a variety of options to customize the wallpaper and screen locks. You can choose an image, color, or slideshow to use as your wallpaper or an option for a lock screen. You can also choose the theme. It’s quite easy and simple to complete similarly. Here’s how to customize the look of your Windows 11 wallpaper and lock screen.

How can you make your own Windows 11 wallpaper and lock screen

To customize the look of your Windows 11 wallpaper and lock screen, just click the Start button, then select Personalization from the left-hand menu, under the Settings tab. This is how you can do the same procedure.

How to alter the wallpaper on your Windows 11 wallpaper

1. After that, click on the Personalization tab, and you will be able to access the Background bar.

2. You’ll be able to get a preview of the pictures. You can use the drop-down menu on the right side of the section to personalize your background from which you can choose to use pictures, slideshows, or solid colors for a wallpaper

3. You can choose to use any of the options available or select one of your own images in the photo gallery.

4. Change the size of the wallpaper to ensure it will fit on your desktop. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see the new wallpaper in your Settings window.

5. If the image does not cover the entire screen, you can select the background color in the Personalize the Background drop-down menu. You can also design your own color.

6. You can also set up slideshows in your Personalize the background option. Then choose the images you wish to display in your slideshow, from your album of pictures. You can decide how the slideshow will change images, whether to shuffle the slideshow and whether or not to play the slideshow using batteries, and the size of images should be sized to fit on the screen.

How to change the lock screen on your Windows 11 lock screen

Step 1:

To begin, right-click an empty area of your desktop. Select “Personalize” or simply tap on Windows+i and select “Personalization” in the sidebar.

Step 2:

Then, click on then the “Lock Screen” tab and create a slideshow or image to be used as your background for the lock screen, Lock Screen Status. The display of the status on your lock screen will also disable the lock screen image on the screen for signing in.

Step 3:

If you want to change your lock screen’s background image by clicking the drop-down beside “Personalize Your Lock Screen” and choose “Picture” or “Slideshow.”

Step 4:

You can also choose which app you want to show the status of the screen of your lock, for example, how many emails you haven’t read have, or the weather at present.

Step 5:

You can make it impossible to lock the background image of your Windows 11 sign-in screen and toggle “Show the lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen” to “Off.”

Step 6:

After that Close Settings, and you’re ready to go.


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