June 26, 2022


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Ubisoft confirms that the leak of the Skull and Bones gameplay video is authentic

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Skull and Bones gameplay

Since its launch at E3 2017, The game has received very little news about Ubisoft’s pirate title The Ubisoft game Skull and Bones has finally emerged from the abyss of development. According to Kotaku, the first test footage of the game has been released online, showing the largest view of the pirate live-game experience which was revealed since the announcement at E3 2017.

A voiceover will explain some of the fundamental specifics in the Skull and Bones. A statistic known as “infamy” is used to determine how proficient the players can be at playing pirates. Infamy can be increased by robbing ships, fulfilling contracts, and locating hidden treasure. Infame levels that are higher give players access to harder bounties and contracts. Failure could result in the loss of some fame.

The players will begin with a small pirate vessel which they can later improve with salvaged materials. The captain’s task is to ensure that the ship is fully stocked with water, food, and ammunition, lest they run the possibility of their crew members committing a mutiny due to a lack of food and water.

Ubisoft confirmed that the footage leaked is authentic according to Kotaku in a statement that stated that it will release more information regarding Skull and Bones shortly. Skull and Bones’ official Twitter account even revealed that further details regarding the game will be released within a few hours when the leaked footage is made public.

Skull and Bones are being developed by Ubisoft’s Singapore studio, which has been the subject of inquiries into workplace harassment and discriminatory pay, and an inadequate HR department. This year, Singaporean authorities ended their probe without taking any action and stated that the studio compensates the employees fair wages and it dealt with the harassment complaints. Other issues reported within the studio have been cited as possible causes for the delay. Skull and Bones took so long to be released but, according to those who spoke with Kotaku the game could launch towards the end of this year.

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