June 19, 2022


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The Instagram pin grid feature is likely to be added soon

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Instagram pin grid feature

Instagram is testing a new feature that allows users to pin their favorite posts at the top of their profile. Instagram, a photo-sharing app owned by Meta, is testing a new feature that allows users to pin posts to their profiles. This new feature will let users pin certain posts (images or videos) to their profiles. They can stay there even after uploading a new reel or image. This new feature is still in testing and is only available to selected users. This user will be able to see the “Pin your profile” option by tapping on the three dots menu next to posts.

The platform confirmed to TechCrunch that it was testing a new feature that allows users to feature posts on their profiles.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer, also noticed the pinned post feature in January 2022. Twitter was the first to share about this development. He shared a screengrab of the feature and wrote: “#Instagram working on the ability pin posts to your profile.”

Instagram currently has the ability to pin Stories to their profile. However, this feature will soon be expanded to include posts. Users can highlight a Story in Story, and then pin it to their profile. Similar to Twitter’s “Pin it to your profile” feature, which allows users to pin tweets to the top of their private feed, this will also be implemented.

The new feature will allow audiences to see their favorite posts and highlighted posts first. The new Instagram posts get shown first, while the older ones are pushed down based upon the upload date/time.

Instagram is also testing new features

The photo-sharing app is working on additional features to make it more user-friendly. Instagram is working on a TikTok-like Template feature that allows users to upload their photos and videos in a predefined format.

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