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The Best Way To Do Keyword Research using SEO Tool for Free: Quick and Simple

Every content writer is searching for an affordable search term that is easy to rank, but what’s the reason? The answer is straightforward to increase organic traffic through Google. Keyword research is a crucial factor in the success of the blogging world or in ranking your website however, how do you do keyword research?

I’ve gone through numerous ways to discover the best, simple to rank, low difficulty keywords study techniques, and ultimately, identifying the best keyword can be an extremely challenging task and even if you’re not sure that the keyword you have chosen is suitable for your website or not.

If you’re a content writer or own a website or blog and are seeking opportunities to get the simple to rank keywords, then here I’ve compiled the top strategies that will make your job of researching keywords extremely easy.

If you’re not sure, of this, let me explain the keyword is an integral part of the content, and not the best content. Content is not a keyword.

If you have found a keyword with low difficulty and hoped for the best chance to rank on a search engine, you’re not right, since the most effective search engine optimization technique to rank a post is the content.

If you’re able to create content in specific areas that relate to your keywords, you are likely to rank for the exact keyword on your search engine.

If you’re new to writing content, then go through the detailed guide for a successful first blog post.

How to conduct keyword research is a comprehensive guide if you’re looking to make a difference in the prosperous blogging process, so if you cannot follow the complete guide at the moment, you should save it for a future to read.

There are a variety of paid tools to conduct keyword research, but it’s difficult to pay for every beginner or even for someone who earns a decent amount of money Therefore, this guide is to identify the most relevant keywords by using no-cost SEO tools.

This guide is not just intended to locate the keyword with any SEO tool, but also includes the best free tools to research keywords, like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest along with a couple of others.

Before diving into keywords research, are you aware of what is the word that we are looking for and why we should use this for SEO? You should first master this fundamental.

What is Keyword in SEO?

In simpler phrases, Keyword is a query that anyone is looking for that can provide an answer. If you typed into the search engine query such as “What is SEO”. Then SEO? SEO is a keyword for your search query.

If we are talking about the internet then we will be focusing on Google since around 70% of queries originate from Google just.

Every website on the internet that is indexed in the Google search engine is ranked in a specific position within the Search page results (SERP) However, almost 97% of the total traffic for search queries is generated by the top 20 ranking websites.

It might surprise you to know when you type what is SEO on a search engine, billions of websites rank in a certain position, but what are the 20 pages that are listed through Google, and what are the criteria used to rank them in the top 20 positions?

This is because the content published for the most successful top-ranking websites is keyword-specific and has been focused on answering queries related to the keyword they have targeted.

Google has more than 200 parameters. They are constantly adding more parameters to assess the quality of content as well as get the most relevant result for the search term. this is why a site that is optimized for search engines (SEO) around the search term will be given top rankings.

If you want to be ranked for any search query, you should identify a keyword with low difficulty that are easy to rank. Here the definition of ranking refers to aiding search engines to discover your site quickly.

If you can achieve the top spot for the search query, then approximately 33% of the overall search engine traffic will go to your website and as you get lower rankings in SERP, it will keep dropping the number of visitors to your website.

In addition to the keywords in addition to the keyword, there are alternatives to rank your site on Google if you want to know more about the detailed guide.

Each search engine has crawlers that scan the keywords that appear on pages and index your site at a specific position in indexing.

The indexing of the website at a particular position is only temporary. It will be able to move up and down. It will depend on the authority of the site the content’s quality and the keyword that is targeted.

This is the reason why finding keywords is essential for content writing, or Google ranking criteria are among the top crucial aspects of search engine optimization.

Do you know how a blog post is ranked in the search engines? What needs to look for while searching for the appropriate keyword?

What is the length of time an individual keyword take to rank?

This is the reason I have included this section in my guide determining keywords isn’t an easy task. There are a variety of things to consider before deciding whether this keyword is likely to get a position or not.

The exact answer to any particular keyword will be contingent on the websites that rank and the quality of their content, but in any case, a majority of SEO tools have resolved your issue to a certain point.

They’ve done a few study cases and have rated each keyword according to the scores for the difficulty of the keyword. This could consider the primary factor for determining the blog post’s placing it among the top 10 results.

I’ve listed several of the key things to look for or will discover while conducting the most thorough keyword research.

Keyword Difficulty

A lot of Paid or Free SEO tools already include keywords as a part of their research tool, which provides us with an estimate of the score for any keyword from 0-to to 100 ranks.

The lower the number is likely to be easier to rank. Anything close to 100 is the most difficult to rank on the search engine. This number will be determined by the top 10 pages that have been ranked.

Keyword difficulty is a factor to be considered along with the number of backlinks that are linked to the top Ranking pages. We also recommend you build more to rank higher in your search results.

Keyword Search Volume

It will give you an average number of search results for a particular keyword over the last year The majority of SEO tools show the worldwide and country-specific search results for a certain keyword.

Search volume defined by the search engine will be divided among all top pages, so it is best to identify those with a medium or high volume of search.

It’s been discovered that many of the keywords with a large search volume will be difficult to rank for SEO So, make sure you identify the keywords that have the highest search volume in the country you plan to focus your efforts.

Returned Rate

This feature is offered by those who pay for SEO tools, which gives us an estimate of for each keyword can estimate the number of times a user searches for the same keyword several times.

The higher rate of return will suggest more searches, but behind that are various other factors that are also calculated. be sure to verify the seasonal search results for any keywords.

If you come across an appropriate keyword such as “winter jacket” then definitely this will attract more traffic only during winter and not during summer. It is best to determine keywords that have global searches throughout the year for constant traffic.

Organic and Paid Search

Many SEO tools can also assist users to gain an understanding of which keywords have more than a reserve of traffic for organic searches and which ones do not, meaning the keyword that is most commercialized for and which one is the one that an Adword Ad campaign is running on.

A large portion of the published content is sponsored through Google AdWords on the specific keyword, therefore most likely you’ll see an Ad ahead of the ranking page.

Be sure to choose the one that has the highest potential for traffic from organic search engines, the rest of the traffic is drawn by the top-ranked advertising pages.

If you’ve got a summary of keywords, then you can go through a mix of tips and free keyword research, or keyword search that’s simple to rank and the best ways to identify the term.

Tips on How to Do Keyword Research Using FREE SEO Tools

The search for the perfect keyword involves numerous methods, but as I said before, writing a high-quality article is always more important as well as having a lower difficulty.

Take a look at the top five methods for you to conduct keyword research to find easy keywords by using the free SEO tools.

If we are thinking about searching for keywords using a no-cost tool, we can begin your keyword research using Google itself. It offers more options about the keywords users type into the search engine, and we can look at the process step by step to find a good keyword.

What is HTML0? to Do Keyword Research using Google Suggestions

Google is the largest search engine, if you need to search for a specific keyword, the best method is to visit Google and type in your seed keyword.

Seed keyword refers to that the keyword is in your area of expertise. For instance, if you want to write about fitness and health then the seed keyword could be Yoga or Exercise.

When you enter Yoga then wait until Google will automatically suggest a few ideas for you to consider. In yoga, you will look up the suggestions from Google’s autosuggestions.

Other ways to enter keywords for seeding, click enter and scroll down to the very bottom of the page to see the suggestions Google offers for searches related to the seed keyword.

In both cases, we’ve found identical results, which also included a suffix on the seed word and these are the exact keywords that are searched by Google.

From my perspective, I have come across three keywords that should be looked at for more analysis.

  • Yoga Benefits
  • Yoga Exercises
  • Yoga Poses

If you go to the search button for any keywords I’ll click on “Yoga Poses” then further Google suggests us a narrow keyword, which is lengthy-tail and easy to rank.

Remember that long-tail keywords are more popular than shorter tail keywords or one word.

From these suggestions for search, We have a variety of keyword phrases that are aimed at our primary keyword Yoga. Following are the suggested keywords from the above. These are the long-tail keywords we have uncovered.

  • Yoga Poses for Back Pain
  • Standing Yoga poses
  • Yoga poses for children

It’s amazing to think that you can find relevant keywords that are worthy of writing about. we began with Yoga and then moved on to the three-word long-tail keyword.

This time, you need to discover the volume of searches for the keyword, and also the SEO difficulty of the keyword. This is done with the free Chrome extension that allows you to search for keywords everywhere.

How to Do Keyword Research Using Keywords Everywhere

It’s a chrome extension that you should integrate with your Chrome browser when conducting keyword research. It will pull information from google by sending API requests. It also gives users an estimate of the search volume and difficulty of keywords.

The difficulty of a keyword is rated between 1 and 0 where 1 is the hardest to rank. here’s this URL to use as your free top keyword research tool or idea generator.

After you have been added to Chrome, ensure you sign in using an email ID that you register. This will then send an API Access key, using the API key to register the keyword everywhere.

You can define the particular country inside the extension so that the next time you type in any keyword into the search engines, it will display the search volume and score for that particular country. You can also set the volume of Global and the volume of searches.

Once Keyword is everywhere set, whenever you type in any search engine, it will automatically show the volume of searches for keywords as well as the difficulty and CPC for the specific country.

We did it, by using Google Suggestions we found a long tail keyword “Yoga Poses for Back Pain” So, it’s going to put the same phrase within the Edit box of the Google search.

Here you can check the volume of searches for 2400. CPC of that keyword, 2.42dollars, and the word’s difficulty is 0.12 which is very easy to rank. Where I’ve set the keyword search filter everywhere for the entire country of the USA.

Keyword Everywhere helps you discover the relevant keywords you should likely rank in line with their country or global search volume.

Here you can find the number of keywords that are related to each other as well as their search volume, and ranking difficulty on search engines.

You’ve learned that by making use of the exclusive mix of Google search and keywords anywhere you can conduct free keyword research. It could be the best solution on how to conduct keyword research.

Let me review another free tool that will help you do keyword research quickly.

The Best Way to Do Keyword Research by using Ubbersugest

Ubbersugegst is a completely free SEO tool that was designed to provide the need for free keyword research. It is in close competition with the paid SEO tools that cost 100$ per month and the best feature is that you can use it without signing up.

It makes the task of researching keywords much simpler because it can retrieve information from Google suggestions, just like the other free SEO tools.

In addition to the volume of search, in addition, it defines the keyword difficulty using the top 10 pages that rank and provides the number of backlinks required to rank your website among Google’s top SERP results.

To find a keyword, the ideal approach is to begin by using Google to get the long-tail keywords or an initial keyword that directs towards the box on Ubersuggest.

Visit Ubersuggest and choose the country, in our case, we’ll select the United States and English. I’ve entered Yoga but I’m aware that the word Yoga will be more competitive than more than three words.

Ubersugegst can also make it simple to begin your search engine optimization using seed keywords such as “Yoga”, then in the keyword suggestions, it displays “Yoga Poses” as we discovered the same on Google search results.

If you type in Yoga Poses then you’ll find long-tail keywords “Yoga poses for back pain” or close to other “Yoga poses Back pain”.

In this manner, you could drill down until you have found the correct low difficulty, high search volume keyword.

If you’ve got a keyword in your bag, by using searches with Google search suggestions that we have discussed previously, the direct search Ubersuggest using the exact long-tail keywords “Yoga poses for back pain” and here’s the SEO issue.

Based on these stats we can see that the volume of searches is about 2400, while the SEO difficulty is around 9. CPC is about $2.42.

It can also help you realize that if you’re capable of generating 37 high-quality backlinks to this article then you may be on one of the top 10 most popular pages.

The difficulty of SEO will be determined by the number of backlinks in the top 10 pages that rank.

The two services Keyword all over and Ubersuggets utilize the same methods to locate the volume of searches from Google through making API requests.

In addition, Ubersugegst also suggests some long-tail keyword concepts that are worth pursuing and be searched for with little SEO effort.

Ubersuggest does not only conduct keyword research. It has several other options like an analysis of the domain, backlink analysis that provides related search suggestions, and much many more features to explore.

Ubersugegst is among the most sought-after Free Seo tools to find out the keywords that are relevant to use in your post I’m sure you’ll be successful in finding good keywords by using these tools. and now let me walk you through another tool that you can utilize to conduct keyword research.

How to perform Keyword Research using Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner can be described as a tool created by the Google Adword team to assist advertisers to understand the exact amount of clicks they can expect to get when they can target any keyword.

It is where an advertiser can bid for any specific keyword to launch the Ad campaign.

In the past, Google Adword was utilized to show the exact volume of searches for each keyword searched in Google results. However, they’ve changed aspects.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google keyword planner, follow the steps below.

  • Make an account with Google Adword.
  • Create a fake campaign in Adwords to avoid the fact that without a campaign, you won’t be able to use Google Keyword Planner.
  • Go to Tools> Planning Keyword Planner.

You are now at a screen on which you can enter a seed keyword.


Click to search for new keywords and then enter your search term “Yoga” and you will have a lengthy list of keyword suggestions as well as their search volume, most importantly, the best CPC for every keyword.

In the above search results, it is clear that the typical search volume is been a range, not an exact number. Similar to that you can look up “yoga poses for back pain”.

In the above output results, you can see the search volume is between 1k-10K however the exact search volume was around 2.4K.

The CPC that is displayed in Google Keyword Planner is exactly the CPC that is used in currently bidding is in place and the competition listed here The low CPC is not linked to SEO difficulties it’s with Ad Bidding in Campaigns.

To determine the SEO-related difficulty of a keyword, you can use Ubersuggest or search for keywords everywhere, as we have learned previously.

Google Keyword isn’t just able to only the direct search volume, it can find you high-quality, low-difficulty keyword that is specific to your country. how do you go about it?

It is recommended to read the thoroughly explained guide on 10 hacks you can use to utilize Google’s Keyword Planner. Google keywords planner It will amaze you.

The above-described keyword research technique is the best when you’re trying to find the term using free tools.

Utilizing Google suggestions for search, keywords everywhere, and Ubersuggest will give you a fantastic combination to find low-difficulty keywords, that are easy to get a.

Additional Tools for Free Keyword Research

The three tools mentioned above are sufficient for novices to begin their keyword research because it contains all the information that you need for keyword research.

However, in addition to this, there are additional free tools that accomplish the same thing, however, they come with limitations regarding their use and also the ability to conduct more study.

The Hoth Keyword Planner

Hoth Keyword Planner is an SEO service provider firm that specializes in content creation as well as other digital marketing solutions related to the Google search engine’s rankings.

They also provide a variety of free SEO tools that can be found in the following section for research on keywords, including SEO analysis, and more. The users for The Hoth Keyword Planner do not require to sign up. It is free to use in the free SEO tools section.


Where to go for a search for keywords and type in your search term and you’ll find a list of related keywords, including the phrase you looked up “Yoga poses for back pain”. THe hoth keyowrd research ideas

It also is the reason for the search volume of 2400, which is the same as the other Free SEO tools and the difficulty score is 0.07 close to 0.12 in the data we collected from every keyword.

Hoth Keyword planner states to be able to retrieve all of this search volume and difficulty of keywords from the SEO tool paid for by SemRush and I have cross-checked the same, and here we are.


It’s exactly the exactly the same as what HOTH has displayed with a volume of 2400 and a the score for the competition of 0.07 So, cheers! Now you can download Hoth for free to achieve similar results to that which SemRush illustrates.

Cheers !! I hope that you have found this most useful information from this guide , where you’re receiving paid-for tools for no cost.

MOZ Keyword Explorer

MOZ is among the most well-known companies that introduced the idea of Domain rating. They began rating websites based on backlink profiles and organic traffic into a 0-100 rating.

They also provide free SEO tools, including the Keyword Explorer to help you find keywords for free To access the MOZ’s keyword explorer you be required to join the website.

It comes with a straightforward edit box where you can type in the keyword, so enter the desired keyword, and the outcomes will be like the ones shown below.

In the above graph you can see that the monthly volume of searches is around the average and the SEO difficulty appears to be high.

So it’s hard to estimate the quality of a keyword. It most of the time depends on its quality of the content, so if your content is of high quality, it will rank easily.

If you’ve made it at this point, then I would say that you’ve found the top free SEO tools and strategies to locate easy to rank keywords without spending a penny?

It’s not easy to locate the exact keyword in one go however you must repeat the process repeatedly until you find the keyword you want.

Conclusion on How to do Keyword Research

Always inquire with Google to provide the most appropriate keywords and be sure you are targeting long-tail keywords because it is a niche searches, but it also is more effective as they are targeted at particular queries.

If you are targeting a single-word phrase, you’ll have difficulty finding the keyword high because it is typically targeted by the same blog niche.

If you’re asking me what is the difficulty in SEO that is shown by these tools is the only method to assess the difficulty of the keyword ? And making backlinks that are higher than the suggested backlinks will be more effective in ranking you?

The answer to this is difficult to determine as there are of other variables to consider including content quality and engagement of users, loading speeds and user reading experience.

I hope that you have enjoyed the thorough guide. Please keep sharing it with your friends on social media, to teach them the same techniques for conducting keyword research.


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