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Welcome to HayvanDestek.com!

These terms and conditions for users (hereinafter called the “User Terms”) apply to all users of the HayvanDestek site (hereinafter known as”the “Website”) that includes however not limited to HayvanDestek.com. This User Terms the terms “we”, “us” and “ours” are used to refer to HayvanDestek.

The User Terms will be considered to encompass all operating guidelines, rules, and guidelines included herein, or that we could otherwise make available on our Website (as these rules or policies may be modified from time to date) which includes, but is not limited to:

When you visit this Website, you agree to be bound by the User Terms, which include that governing User Behavior. If you don’t agree with this User Agreement, then you are not allowed to access the Website and are asked not to access the Website again. Your registration as a registered user is subject to your explicit agreement to these Terms of Service.

THE SERVICES on the Website

  1. Registration User

1.1 HayvanDestek gives you the non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable restricted rights to access and use the Website. To gain access to and use this Website, you need to create a profile and sign up as a user (hereinafter called “Registered user”).

1.2 You are allowed to create one profile for each user on the website. Your profile is private and you cannot transfer it to other users.

1.3 To become a Registered User You will require an account password. You can choose your password that must be associated with your email address while logging on to the website. We can also give you the password. The password is yours and you should not share the password or give it to anyone else. You are responsible to make sure that your password doesn’t get into the hands of an uninvolved third person. If you learn that the password has been or could be compromised, you must notify us of the breach. We may and will alter the password in case there is the possibility that the password has been compromised or being used in violation of User Terms.

1.4 In the registration process during registration, you will be required to select an account name. The username will appear on the Website every time you make comments or write reviews or create the content for users (see 2.1 in the next section) within the site. So, you should consider whether you want to create a username that you are recognizable by other users. The username should be a non-offending username, and not (i) constitute a slur or in any way offensive, (ii) contain the words “Guest”, “Admin”, “.dk”, “.com” and so on. or (iii) include characteristics that belong to a third-party such as the names of famous individuals or personal names to which you do not have the rights. You ensure that your username does not violate any rights (including intellectual property rights) that belong to any third party, or in connection with the or relating to the User Terms.

1.5 Changes to your username are only made by us. If you want to change your username, please contact us at admin@HayvanDestekcom.

1.6 We have the right to at any point, with or without notice and without prejudgment erase, deactivate or modify or modify your profile in connection with violating or suspicion of violating these User Terms and Conditions or any other applicable law. After deleting your profile you will no longer be able to access or have access to the services available on the Website that require registration and/or login as a registered user. After deleting your profile we retain the right to remove any user-generated content (see 2.1) you’ve posted via the site.

1.7 In addition We have the right at any time, with no notice nor explanation to erase your account and all user-generated material (see 2.1). In this instance, our disclaimer will be in force without limitation.

1.8 It is not allowed to access or attempt to access the areas of the Website that require user registration if you’re not a registered user.

  1. User-Generated Content created by Registered Users

2.1 You give us the worldwide, non-exclusive perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free license and right to distribute, show and reproduce, alter and create derivative works of the information such as information, announcements reviews, articles, reviews, or other forms of communications (hereinafter called the “User-Generated Content” also known as “UGC”) that you upload to the Website as a Registered User. We are free to utilize or transfer UGC and may disclose the UGC to third-party organizations.

2.2 Registered users are liable in respect of the UGC they post through the website.

2.3 Registered users assure that all UGC published on the website is true and accurate (where they provide facts) or is genuinely believed (where they express opinions).

2.4 UGC must relate to an organization or company from which the Registered User purchased or otherwise documented using the service offered by the company.

2.5 You cannot publish UGC about companies with which you have professional or personal relationships.

2.6 Registered Users are not allowed to nor permit any third-party to make UGC on the site that:

  • is of a nature that is marketing or is used for marketing,
  • is illegal, deceitful, and fraudulent. intimidating, abusive, threatening, or defamatory. tortious, offensive, pornographic or profane, and has a racist, sexist, or political nature, infringes on other people’s rights, including rights to intellectual property or rights to privacy. publicity rights
  • are offensive or in any manner violates any local national and international regulation or law.
  • In violation of these User Terms and Conditions, as well as the Guidelines for Users. Guidelines divulge any personal information regarding another person that is not in compliance with these User Terms, such as the name of another person’s address, phone number, address contact number, email address or credit card number, or any other data that can be used to trace, identify or contact that individual,
  • is a disloyal or illegal motive and/or contains illegal content (or encourages illegal purposes) is unlawful, or
  • can be technically dangerous (including not excluding logic bombs, computer viruses as well as Trojan horses, worms destructive components damaged data, malware, dangerous data, or how they behave).

2.7 Contributors to UGC guarantee in all circumstances in all circumstances that UGC is legal and by the User Terms. When HayvanDestek receives notice or discovers that UGC violates the current legislation or our User Terms, then we will remove the UGC without notice, and based on the nature of the offense – could notify the violator or the authorities about the violation. The right to remove does not require the need for an explanation, however, we will try to notify the registered user about the reason for the deletion as well as the basis in this regard.

2.8 2. The registered user gives us the authority to take any legal action we believe necessary in the event of a violation or infringement of the User’s UGC.

The Registered User has to promise to indemnify us from any claims that may be filed by us as a result of the registered user’s breach of either of these User Terms or any current legislation. The Registered User is required to protect us from any loss or claim arising caused by third-party claims against us that result from any claim or loss arising from the UGC of the registered user.

2.9 We can at any point request details regarding this UGC from the registered user as well as any documentation that supports the information within the UGC, e.g. documents proving how the UGC is based on a purchase experience by a customer who has a connection to the business that the UGC is a part of.


  1. Rights

3.1 The website and all the features we provide through the Website, which includes the technology that underlies it, as well as the intellectual property rights that are contained in them are the sole property of our company, and no license or other rights are granted to any of the technology. If you submit comments, suggestions, or feedback concerning the Website or any of the services provided through the website (“Feedback”) and we can fully utilize the Feedback.

3.2 The information on the Website including but not limited to Intellectual Property Rights, the text graphics, characteristics pictures, icons calculation, references, and software are or will become our property or property of a third-party (other than that of the registered user) which is protected under the U.S. and applicable international laws, which include without limitation any applicable trademark or copyright law.

3.3 Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, display, or any other use that is not authorized by the Web site or any part of it violates U.S. law and may result in civil or criminal sanctions.

3.4 To the maximum extent permissible by law the rights to use for free of the UGC is transferred to us irrevocably, and without any time limit and territorial restrictions, when you submit our request for the UGC for our consideration.

3.5 Downloading and any other digital copies of content from the Website or any of its components are permitted only to be used for personal, non-commercial purposes unless specifically agreed to by us in writing or permitted by any applicable mandatory law.

3.6 All names of companies or trademarks as well as any other business names displayed on the Website are or will become our property or that of a third-party (other than the registered user) and may solely be employed for commercial purposes only with the prior permission of us or the third-party owner and.

  1. Personal information

4.1 We conduct various types of processing of personal information when you use our Website. Our processing of personal data takes place under observance of our Privacy Policy, which can be obtained here: legal.HayvanDestek.com/for-reviewers/end-user-privacy-terms.

In accepting the User Agreement, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy.

  1. Disclaimers

5.1 The WEBSITE, CONTENT, and services offered on the website are provided “AS IS” and are available without representations or any representations, warranties, or guarantees of any kind. HayvanDestek DISCLAIMS ALL and all warranties, whether expressly stated either implied, or sworn to be enforceable including, without limitation, any warranty of non-infringement, merchantability, or FITNESS TO a specific purpose. The Website and Services can be altered, modified, and/or interrupted, suspended, or discontinued at any time without notification or LIABILITY.

5.2 We do not make any representations or guarantees about any UGC that is published on our Website. In addition, HayvanDestek may at all times review and alter (including anonymizing) UGC, e.g. if the acts are (i) caused by third-party requests, (ii) required under any applicable law, or (iii) essential to ensure the UGCs conformity with our Guidelines for Users. Guidelines.

5.3 We disclaim all responsibility for the contents of UGC. Our non-responsibility applies, not limiting it to any UGC that we edit, which includes UGC that has been altered or edited by us (see 5.2). We do not assume any responsibility for links to websites belonging to third parties in the UGC as well as the content of the website that the UGC connects.

5.4 Recommendations, reviews, comments, etc. of particular companies, services, and e-businesses. of specific companies, services, e-businesses, etc. by registered users as a reference and not an endorsement provided by us. Any references to specific companies, services, e-businesses, etc. We do not assume any responsibility for the content on the Website. The use of our services is in all respects completely the personal responsibility of the registered Users. We are not liable for the operation of the website.

  1. Limitation of responsibility

6.1 6. We shall in no circumstances be held LIABLE in any way, whether under contract or in torment (INCLUDING negligence) or in any other way, for DAMAGES due to the use of the WEBSITE even if we have been advised of the possibility of SUCH DAMAGES that include (I) LOSS OF PROFITS and CONTRACTS, TURNOVER business opportunities, LOSS or corruption of DATA or the recovery of DATA GOODWILL, SECURITY breach resulting from a failure of third party communications and/or the internet, anticipated savings or REVENUE (REGARDLESS of whether any of the above are DIRECT or consequential.) (II) any LOSS or DAMAGE that arises out of LIABILITIES to third party parties (WHETHER DIRECT, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL) or (III) any indirect OR SPECIAL INCIDENTAL or consequential LOSS or DAMAGE regardless of the cause. SOME STATES AND OTHER JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.


  1. Other Terms for Users

7.1 We can at any point, at our discretion modify or amend this User Policy. We will endeavor to notify you in advance of any modifications. We can at any time at our discretion, and without prior notice, shut down, alter or alter the layout of the website. If you are a registered user, you agree to be bound by the present User Terms. Any changes or revisions to those User Terms are posted on the website. We will also strive to notify registered users about any change to terms of use. The Registered Users acknowledge that their continuing use of the Website after the posting of any modified version of User Terms constitutes an acknowledgment of the revised User Terms.

7.2 If one of the User Terms becomes considered illegal or ineffective and thus not applied, this does not impact the validity and enforceability of the rest of these User Terms.

  1. Termination and terms

8.1 We can end your access to and utilize the features provided via the site at any point at any time, without any liability. If we do this or you choose to remove your account, the privileges granted by this Agreement are immediately canceled. Sections 2-10 will be in effect until the end of the terms of use.

  1. Laws applicable and venue

9.1 This User Agreement and any relationship that exists between HayvanDestek and you HayvanDestek are affected by those laws in the State of New York, without regard to conflicts of law clauses of these Terms. Any dispute must be resolved solely in the federal or state courts within New York, and the parties agree to the authority of these courts.

  1. Copyright dispute policy

10.1 HayvanDestek’s policy is to (i) restrict access or delete any material that it believes to be in good belief to be copyrighted content that was copied illegally and distributed by one of our affiliates, advertisers or content providers or users or members; and (ii) eliminate and cease the service for repeat offenders. HayvanDestek has adopted a policy toward copyright infringement by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA (posted at http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf). This policy is available at legal.HayvanDestek.com/for-everyone/copyright and contains instructions for contacting HayvanDestek’s Designated Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement (“Designated Agent”).

  1. Miscellaneous

11.1 You understand and acknowledge to these Terms of Service are the sole and complete agreement between HayvanDestek and HayvanDestek regarding the use of the Website. They supersede and apply to all previous agreements, proposals, or any other messages.

11.2 None of the provisions in these User Terms may be read as establishing any partnership, agency, or another type of joint venture between us. The fact that we do not demand your compliance with any of these provisions is not a limitation on our rights to demand such compliance at any time in the future or if we waive a violation of any of these provisions is considered as a waiver of that provisions themselves. You cannot transfer the rights you are granted by this Agreement or attempt to assign them, and all such attempts are null and void.

  1. Contact

12.1 You may contact HayvanDestek via email at admin@HayvanDestekcom