June 29, 2022


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Sports betting in the USA: Is it legal?

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Sports betting in the USA Is it legal

Sports betting was banned in the United States for a long time. In 2018, the Supreme Court granted states the right to legalize the activity.

While some places are quick to accept legal sports betting, there are many areas in America where it is still not available to those who wish to legally place bets on certain events.

Where can you find sports betting with totally above-board bookmakers? And what is the future of this type of gambling?

New York

New York was the latest state to allow sports betting. In January 2022, New York saw its operators lose $200M. The sheer cost of advertising by gambling operators to customers was the reason for this. Each player costs more than $100 to bring onboard.

Because of the bonuses offered by operators, marketing spending in sports betting is higher than anywhere else. This should become a profitable business in New York as in other states.

New Jersey

New Jersey is a long-standing innovator in the gambling industry. It was one of the first to enter the legal sports betting market. The state has a large player base and its online wagering platform is a major success.

NJ, like many other states that have a growing online casino scene has adopted licensing laws that require that all brands operating online have a physical presence in the state. Players must also be within the state’s borders to place bets. This means that out-of-state wagering cannot be done.


Nevada is an exception in that legal sports betting has been available for much longer periods than any other state. It all boils down to Las Vegas’ popularity and its role in economic stimulation for the state since the middle of the 20th century.

Although it may not be the only legal place to place wagers, Nevada remains the US’s home for gambling.

The rest

There are currently 28 US states that have allowed sports betting. This includes everything from North Dakota to Connecticut to Arizona and Montana.

Additionally, states like Nebraska, Louisiana, and Florida are all set to allow legal gambling to take place at sporting events shortly, though the details of the deals have yet to be finalized.

There are states where sports betting is still illegal. However, this could change in the future. California is the most prominent example. Its large population presents an attractive prospect for gambling operators and offers a huge opportunity to generate more tax revenue from legal wagering activities.

Utah is the only place in America that appears to be free from legal gambling. Residents will have to travel to Utah if they want to place bets.


Even if sports betting is legal in your state, it is still important to only gamble with licensed operators.

You could end up in a difficult situation if you play at a site that isn’t licensed or reputable, or if you fail to keep track of your spending.

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