June 25, 2022


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Solar Storm on Mars resulted in this awe-inspiring phenomenon that has awed NASA scientists

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Solar Storm on Mars resulted in this awe-inspiring phenomenon that has awed NASA scientists

Hope, the Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) probe, Hope, has captured an unusual phenomenon following a solar storm that struck the planet. The findings have caused NASA Researchers and scientists confused.

The spacecraft Hope from the Emirates Mars Mission has captured something unusual after a solar storm ravaged Mars. The phenomenon has even confused NASA scientists. Find out what it was. (Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre)

Following a NASA mission to Mars, UAE has also sent a different spacecraft to the planet. It is called the Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) has sent an exploratory spacecraft named Hope that has been taking photos of Mars’ atmosphere. Mars. Recently, it came to a strange phenomenon, after an intense solar storm hit the planet. It has frightened even the most experienced minds at NASA. It appears that, although the northern lights can be enchanting, however, they’re not limited to our world. It’s true. Researchers have recently discovered “mysterious worm-like” aurora on Mars. As part of the theories and research regarding living, things on Mars auroras, which are similar to Earth’s northern lights were seen on a planet that is more than forty million miles, or million kilometers away from us. The extraordinary sighting was “shocking”, as explained by researchers.

Hope, the Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) probe, Hope, photographed the aurora. As the probe entered its orbit around Mars it began the photography. Different from the initial strategy, the team decided to concentrate on those “discrete” auroras quite closely. “We knew we had unveiled [a] potential to make observations never before possible on this scale,” declared EMM’s EMM Science Lead, Hessa Al Matroushi. In the course of their research, one year later, the researchers found a “huge, worm-like” aurora that, as they observed is extending across the globe. It was a phenomenon that had never been observed prior. The researchers have dubbed this finding a “sinuous discrete aurora”.

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