June 23, 2022


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Selfie lovers WAIT! iPhone 14 is going to become a Selfie expert with TWO major enhancements

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iPhone 14

iPhone 14 could bring big improvements to its cameras in its front, across the whole range. Check out what you can expect to find.

iPhone 14 leaks are only becoming more fascinating than ever before, and the latest leak makes selfie-lovers excited. As of now, we’ve learned we know that we know that iPhone 14 series will gain an additional model with the iPhone 14 Max. Additionally, those Pro models will be getting an upgrade to the camera’s sensor this year. There hasn’t been much changed with the selfie camera in the iPhone for a long time as well. Apple has planning to take action on it. In reality, it may eliminate the advantage Samsung holds with the selfie camera in its flagship models.

It is believed that the iPhone 14 series is said to be getting two new improvements to the front camera, claims the well-known Apple analyst, Mung-Chi Kuo. Kuo has proven to be accurate with his predictions and leaks previously, and this gives more reason to believe in this speculation. He claims that Apple may be considering giving the camera on its front a brand new lens with a greater f/1.9 aperture. Furthermore, the camera will also have the ability to autofocus similar to the rear cameras. The new features are coming for all iPhone 14 variants, not only the Pro models.

iPhone 14 to be an expert in the field of SELFIE!

Two upgrades to the front camera on the iPhone could have significant consequences for selfie enthusiasts. With a bigger aperture lens, the iPhone may be able to improve the performance of its camera in low light. Auto-focus can assist in creating a more effective quality depth of field effect (background blurring). This means that the iPhone might not require to perform portrait mode using artificial blurring, and may even compete with Samsung’s world-leading subject separation.

The autofocus feature may assist with blurring the background when making video calls and may also assist in the area of Centre Stage. Kuo isn’t able to say if Apple will make use of an image sensor with a higher resolution to be used for its front-facing camera.

The iPhone 13 series has one of the top selfie cameras available however, the rival Samsung beats it to the punch by introducing a high-resolution selfie camera in its top model, the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Samsung has been using the autofocus feature on their Galaxy S front cameras for some time now, providing an improved blurring effect for the background. The iPhone 13’s artificial-looking cut-outs of portraits look fake, as it is possible that the iPhone 14 could benefit from the natural effects of bokeh.

This isn’t all. The Pro models of this year will be rid of display-related notch too. For more information stay tuned at HT Tech for all the most recent information about iPhone 14. iPhone 14.

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