June 23, 2022


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PlayStation Plus’s next game trials are expected to be at least two hours long

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PlayStation Plus'

A new set of details has surfaced about the limited-time game trials Sony had previously stated will be part of its brand new PlayStation Plus Premium. According to reports from sources to Game Developer, these trial-style free trials are required for any game that has a wholesale price of $35 (EUR33) or higher and should have a minimum duration of two hours in length. The trial will not be required for previously released games as well as PlayStation VR titles.

Game Developer‘s initial report raised questions that the requirement for developers to provide limited trials for a certain period could put significant pressure on smaller companies. But, Kotaku’sEthan Gach informs us that the PlayStation Store team will create the trials, indicating that developers don’t need to put additional effort into it.

Custom demos that contain original content may be permitted in certain situations instead of offering a time-limited portion of the game’s original content, according to the Game Developer, However, in any case, developers must provide a trial version in the first three months after the game’s launch and accessible for at least one year. Developers are still able to provide promotional content such as free play weekends that are not part of the Premium tier of PlayStation Plus.

This sounds like great news for those planning to sign up for Sony’s monthly subscription of $18. Plus Premium tier. It is currently being crafted to launch in the US on June 13th as well as in Europe on the 22nd of June. If these reports are accurate, they suggest that time-limited trials will be readily accessible for titles that cost more, and two hours of playtime is an adequate amount of time to determine the value of a game before purchasing outright.

However, Kotaku has expressed concern that offering trial periods could impact sales as players can get the most enjoyment through a demo, instead of purchasing. However, trials could encourage the purchase of someone who had previously been hesitant.

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