Press ReleaseMarshall urges parents to be aware of the dangers that television programs...

Marshall urges parents to be aware of the dangers that television programs on gender issues may pose to their children.

Senator Roger Marshall would like a television monitoring panel to increase a rating system for parents to alert them about youth programs that relate to people who are interested in being another gender.

Four U.S. Senate colleagues from Kansas signed a letter urging the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board (TVPGB) to oppose “left-wing sexual politics” embodied by Walt Disney Co.’s opposition to the Florida “don’t say gay” law that prohibits educators from discussing gender issues with children in kindergarten to third grade.U.S. Sens. Marshall Mike Lee, Mike Braun, Steve Daines, Montana, and Kevin Cramer, North Dakota, recommended that the board update guidelines be updated to include ratings for content related to gender dysphoria. This would allow parents or guardians to more easily prevent their children from seeing LGBTQ content.

The television board used to rate programs based on their content, whether it was violent, obscene, or sexual.

Gender dysphoria has been sensationalized by the media, television, and radical activists as well as entertainment companies to the detriment and benefit of children. The senators wrote that this radical and sexual sensation not just harms children, but also destabilizes parental rights.”

According to the American Psychological Association, transgender people may experience gender dysphoria. This is psychological distress over the differences between a person’s gender assignment at birth or their gender identity. To qualify for a diagnosis, the condition must be accompanied by a clinically significant social or occupational impairment.

Marshall continued his letter by writing: “The motivations and predatory nature of hyper-sexualized entertainment productions trying to push this content onto young audiences are suspect at best.”

Marshall signed a letter stating that parents in the United States should be offended by educators’ attempts to discuss sexual orientation and gender identity within classrooms.

The board’s television content rating system was implemented by most broadcast and cable channels in 1997 to address public concerns about explicit sexual content, graphic violence, and profanity on TV.

Governor Kelly and the Kansas Legislature. Laura Kelly and the Kansas Legislature fought over a bill that would have prohibited transgender women or girls from participating in Kansas’ school or college athletic programs.

Although the Democratic governor vetoed it, the House did not have the required two-thirds majority to override its decision. The Senate had all the votes to override.

GOP lawmakers in the House of Representatives and Senate said that transgender athletes would be unfairly advantaged if they were involved in competitions for women or girls. Hays Republican Rep. Barbara Wasinger said that transgender identity was evidence of mental illness among “people that have lost their way”.

Opponents of this bill claimed that the ban was part of a political campaign designed to shame and weaken transgender Kansans’ identities.

Rep. Brandon Woodard, a Lenexa Democrat who is also one of the four LGBTQ Kansas legislators, stated, “If you don’t like who I am or what a young trans person looks like, talk to our creator.”


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