NewsMan accused of sexual crimes against two teenagers defends cuddling naked as...

Man accused of sexual crimes against two teenagers defends cuddling naked as being not uncommon

Timothy Glen Martins left, and defense lawyer Michael Clarke listen during a jury trial on May 4, 2022, on the 4th of May, 2022 in Douglas County District Court.

A man who is accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls who were in his care told the court on Wednesday that he sat down with one of the girls when she was naked, and kissed her breasts, but did not do anything more than that.

The girl, who testified in the same manner, stated she was told by the guy, Timothy Glenn Martins, was also seen putting his hand on her underwear and making a rude comment.

Martins 47, from Lawrence Martins, 47, of Lawrence, is an ex- Douglas County employee as well as an ex- Shawnee County corrections officer. Martins is accused of five charges of aggravating sexual liberties of a child, for accusing the girls of being smothered between 2012 and 2017.

The day before Martins’s trial in the morning on Monday, District Attorney Suzanne Valdez stated the family had a tradition within Martins family of sleeping naked and cuddling. The more senior of the two victims claimed that Martins often would kiss her back when she was naked and then cuddle with her for up to 30 minutes at one time. The older of the two victims who have grown up has also stated that at one point when Martins cuddled her, he experienced an erection she felt on her back. part of her stomach.

This Wednesday Martins claimed that he’s been cuddling with girls in their beds since they were children and that he felt it was normal to do this.

Concerning the incident that the older suspect mentioned, he claimed that it occurred at around 15 or so. He stated that he walked into her bedroom while she was in bed studying and “I moved close to her and sat on her, and there was not much conversation and I dazed off. Then, I got an erection.”

He claimed that the girl was noticing and inquired “what’s that?” and the girl was told this was an epileptic erection. He apologized but remained in bed for a short time before walking out. He stated that he did not cuddle with the girl after the incident.

But, he claimed that he continued to cuddle with the younger suspect who admitted to the trial on Wednesday.

The younger victim and an adult now recounted two incidents that involved Martins that stuck in her. She stated that one occurred when she was around 12 or 13 years old and Martins as well as Martins were sleeping in her bed.

“I ended up straddling him and nuzzling my head into his neck,” she stated. “Then I felt his erection and I jumped off.”

The victim claimed that she didn’t believe that the incident wasn’t wrong but it made her feel uncomfortable.

She also said that the second incident occurred a few years after. She told me that she’d just come back from a shower when she discovered Martins at her bed. She claimed that he demanded that they hug and the next day he kissed and hugged her breasts.

When that incident occurred She said he then looked at her, and then said to him “You look like you liked that too much.” He then put his hands in her underwear and told her “You need to keep yourself shaved.” After that, she told him that Martins went out of her room.

The victim claims that she later informed Martins’s wife of the incident. However, Martins’s wife informed her she was responsible “not to put me in dangerous situations” with Martins.

Martins admitted to the court that he remembers the events that occurred with the girl in the middle of the night differently. Martins said that the girl asked him to visit her room.

“She wanted me to make her kisses. I did,” Martins said. “After I kissed her breasts, I felt ashamed and horrified; then I left the room.”

Martins said in court that he never touch her underwear. He also stated that he had told his wife about this incident however, she did not notify authorities about it.

The younger accused victim claimed that she’d shared a story of what transpired with Martins with her students at school and that police were called to her home afterward. She claimed that when police arrived, Martins’ wife pulled her from the room and told her that she had to lie in front of police about what had happened.

“So I did,” the accused victim claimed. “I told them I made it up.”

The victim claimed that police were not involved in the matter until she was later informed by Martins step-son about what happened and then he reported it to the authorities.

Martins is represented in the matter by lawyer Michael Clarke. Arguments for the closing of the trial are set for Thursday.


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