Press ReleaseLotava Sandals Reviews (Update 2022) Checkout Complete Insight Here!

Lotava Sandals Reviews (Update 2022) Checkout Complete Insight Here!

This review will help you become more aware of the genuineness of the site which offers a range of special items for customers.

In the current fashion, clothes come easily with popular accessories and accessories. In this day and age where everyone is focused on their appearances and fashions, most people want to own the most trendy and modern pieces that are brand new and catch the attention of many.

Many nations across the world, like those of the United States, are greatly known for their design and fashion hubs of the current moment.

These Lotava Sandals Reviews will make us all understand the latest trends and aid us in a deeper study of this website. So we can dive right into the subject.

What is Lotava?

In the context of the site, it’s viewed as an organization managed under an all-encompassing established company, i.e., SUNSA E-COMMERCE PTE. LTD. The brand assists us with our social gatherings by providing some unique designs and varieties of accessories and decorations. The brand is dedicated to everyone and has a wide range of products.

With its aim of providing top-quality products at affordable prices, the company has recently shut down its website for business. This article regarding Is Lotava Sandals Legit assisted us in a social event in which TRAN HONG THAI is the chief of supervision for this company. He is also the distributing chief of the parent company Sunsa Ecommerce Pte. Ltd.

Determinations of

  • Site URL-
  • Items Men and Women Clothing and Accessories
  • Organization address-68 Circular Road #02-01, 049422, Singapore
  • Contact number: +651 281 5479
  • Email address –
  • Bulletin Not Available
  • Area creation date-12/04/2021
  • Charges for delivery – Not specified
  • The delivery span in North America is 10-20 days
  • The delivery time is within Europe and UK – 13-25 days
  • The delivery time is within Australia, Chile, New Zealand, and other parts of the world from 13-25 days
  • Client Reviews-There’s no section for Lotava Sandals Reviews
  • A trade or return request is accepted within three days, but with a deduction of 5% of the request worth an exchange fee.
  • Discount within a time limit
  • Markdowns are available on all products
  • Certification No information was provided on the website
  • Installment strategy The company accepts installments by Visa and Master Credit Cards.
  • Virtual Entertainment Presence-Facebook page discovered.

Benefits of buying from Lotava

Making a site involves a long-lasting interaction that involves gathering crucial details and focuses to aid the user in choosing the best option. To help with this it is important to begin understanding Lotava Sandals Reviews for better clarity.

  • The brand’s message is reaching all regions of the world
  • They provide limits for every item
  • The selection includes a few different products
  • There are items for everyone.
  • This is a brand that falls under an organization that is a realized parent company located in Singapore.
  • The contact details are listed on the website.
  • The presence of a mail server is a good sign.

The obstacles to buying from Lotava

There are no reviews on the site. on the internet or the website.
The site was at the time of this writing and was not presented to anyone yet.
The trust score and other scores are also considerably lower than the customers’ expectations to be able to trust this website.
The information on the site isn’t suitable for users.
There is no specific product or service and they have a couple of items from several different items.

Is Lotava Sandals Legit?

To understand the site, we have looked at a few various data elements that could prove beneficial to our visitors. All of them are according to the following criteria:

  • The spacetime of creation- The area that is currently in use was established on April 12, 2021. the site will close on the 12th of April 2022.
  • Trust record score- The site has one percent as its Trust Index Score, which is certainly not a good indication.
  • Record rank-The file’s position on Lotava. co is abysmal and ranges to 3.9/100
  • Content – The information available on the website isn’t particularly clear.
  • Address of organization This is the address they have used to reference the location.
  • A web-based entertainment platform The brand has one Facebook page but is not active and has a low number of fans.
  • Criticism entries We didn’t see any surveys on reliable pages such as Trustpilot.

What are the customers’ Lotava Sandals Reviews?

We haven’t been able to find any reviews from clients on the site or the web. In addition, the Facebook page is not a source of survey or data from the client’s side. Therefore, the page provides no feedback from customers. Please read this article to understand how you can be safe from PayPal scams.


The website is located within Singapore and was revealed recently. We noticed that the brand has several items that may be interesting to consumers. We also noticed that Lotava. co has an official Facebook page, but it has no information or reviews and Lotava Sandals Reviews could not appear on the internet.

This is additionally because the site is new, and the Facebook page likewise offers nothing however it was made right around four years back, which makes this site selling footwear questionable. Moreover, Please read here to realize how will generally be protected from Credit Card Scams.


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