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LIC IPO subscription to open in the near future: GMP, date, online application, and much more You can find out more here for more details.

LIC The IPO registration period will begin on May 4, and GMP, the gray market price (GMP) has risen to Rs. 70 today. Investors who wish to apply for the LIC Initial Public Offering (IPO) can apply even before the IPO opens through Paytm Money’s pre-open the IPO Application feature. Follow the for the steps here.

The most eagerly anticipated first public offer, that is also expected to be the largest public offering ever to be issued in the country and is less than one week away. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the largest life insurance company, will be begin public subscriptions on May 4, and close with the closing date of May 9. The government plans to dispose of the 3.5 percentage stake of the insurer through the sale of 22.13 crore shares via the offer-for-sale (OFS) in this IPO. The price band for LIC IPO has been fixed at approximately Rs. 902-949 for each share. According to a report from according to market analysts, LIC IPO GMP is at Rs. 70 on the market for grey on the Friday of 29 April, higher than the price of Rs. 50 yesterday.

Individuals who want to take part on the LIC initial public offering must know that during the initial sale of shares, the employees and retail investors will receive a discount of Rs. 45 for each equity share. the policyholders will receive an amount of the equivalent of Rs. 60 for each equity share. Investors can offer a minimum of fifteen equity shares as well as at multiples of fifteen equity shares after. Following registration, the allotment of shares is expected to take place before the 16th of May. The stock of the firm is anticipated to trade at BSE as well as NSE on May 17, 2022.

A recent development has been made, One97 Communications Limited (OCL) which is the owner of Paytm has disclosed that its 100%-owned subsidiary Paytm Money Limited (PML) has announced its pre-open IPO feature in preparation for the forthcoming LIC IPO. It is also offering free demat accounts to new investors. Investors who are looking forward to signing up to the IPO could apply via Paytm Money. It is possible to apply right now, even before the IPO is open for registration, through the Paytm Money pre-open IPO Application feature.

How do I apply through the feature of Pre-Open IPO

Paytm Money has activated the pre-open feature in the case of the IPO. This means that users can sign up to this IPO immediately. The pre-open applications will be stored by Paytm Money’s system, and then sent to the exchange for processing when the IPO is open. Read the below steps to submit an application in the LIC IPO.

1. Click on”Invest in IPO” and click on the “Invest in IPO” option on Paytm Money You will be able see the IPO through a Pre-Open tab.

2. Select LIC IPO.

3. In the IPO screen on the IPO screen, you’ll be able to find an “Apply Now” button with the caveat that an application that is submitted during the pre-open stage is able to be cancelled or changed only after it has been sent to the exchange once the IPO is open. Click apply now.

4. In the meantime, an Apply to IPO page will be open. There you can change the size of your lot as well as add up to three bids, and alter the price. The UPI ID and the apply button must be clicked.

5. After you click “Apply” you will get an alert that states that IPO is pre-opening and your application will be submitted to the exchange upon IPO commencement date.

How to apply for LIC IPO when subscription opens

1. Visit the IPO section of Paytm Money’s homepage screen.

2. It is expected that the LIC IPO option will be accessible under the “Current & Upcoming’ tab within IPOs.

3. After you click the button, you will get the ‘Apply now button that will bring you directly to the bidding page. There, you are able to change the quantity and price for your bid.

4. In the ‘Add UPI Information In the section ‘Update UPI Details’, enter your UPI ID, then click on the ‘Apply’ button.


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