June 19, 2022


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iPhone 14 display leaks! The notch has remained!

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iPhone 14 display leaks

iPhone 14 display panels have been released and show the notch remaining for a second year on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max. Here is the full information.

iPhone 14 is keeping the display notch for the next year! The leaks that surround an iPhone 14 Pro have consistently been adamant about the elimination of the older notch. However, the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will retain the display notch as well as the slightly larger screen bezels. A new leak has revealed what the new designs will appear in real life. It’s a big surprise that the cutouts don’t look old in comparison to the hole and pill-shaped cutouts found on phones like the iPhone 14 Pro models.

The leaked image on Weibo uploaded by a user on Twitter @SaranByte reveals the displays for the entire iPhone 14 range. It is also expected that iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Max have the same display notch we’ve observed previously on iPhone 13 models. iPhone 13 range. The notch is the same size and contains exactly the same sensors and earpiece, but with the earpiece placed at the top. The size of the bezel is the same.

iPhone Display Panels 14 leak!

Its iPhone 14 Pro series, however, is equipped with a unique camera cutout layout, in which the shape of a pill is holding two sensors while another cutout holds the camera on the front. This cutout display is unique to the smartphone market and, when compared with the cutouts, it takes up more space. The Pro models can also be presented with thinner bezels than standard models.

Be aware that these are not confirmed leaks, and it is important to note that the iPhone 14 launch is still far off. So, be sure to take them with an equal amount of caution. This iPhone 14 launch event is scheduled for September 2022. We expect the final leaks to surface about that time. Even though leaks from Apple aren’t common and we never have official renderings of their flagship models like Samsung leaks.

The iPhone 14 series is bringing significant changes it comes to previous models in the iPhone 13 range. One of the biggest modifications is the demise of the iPhone Mini and the introduction of the iPhone 14 Max. It is believed that the iPhone 14 Max is said to feature a huge 6.7-inch display. Both the regular 14 and Max versions are also expected to use their Apple A15 Bionic chip for a second year, which is a bit odd considering Apple hasn’t done that before. The chip is only available for iPhone 14 Pro models only.

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