June 18, 2022


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Images leaked from Motorola Razr 3 reveal an upgraded camera and a more boxy design

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Motorola Razr 3

Two leaked images by Evan Blass, a reliable leaker (via 91Mobiles) give us a glimpse at what appears to have been a test model for the third generation Motorola Razr. The codename Maven reveals two new cameras on the device: a 50MP main sensor and a 13MP sensor to take macro and wide shots.

The device is fully closed in the photo. You’ll notice the loss of its “chin” or the portion of the lip that was extended in the previous iterations. The device appears to fold over itself when closed. This is a departure from the original design and modern versions of the device.

Blass also noted that the fingerprint sensor was moved to the power button. This is most likely because it is on the side. Motorola had previously placed the fingerprint sensor on its 2019 Razr, then moved it to the back for the 5G-upgraded Razr in 2020. These placements were not ideal. Dieter Bohn, an ex-executive editor at The Verge, said that the fingerprint sensor was placed on the back of the Razr and that it was difficult to reach. He also stated that placing it on the chin made it impossible for him to use two hands to open the phone.

Blass claims the Razr 3 has an FHD+ interior folding screen and a hole-punch 32MP self-portrait camera. You can see the interior screen of the Razr 3 at 91Mobiles. Motorola is expected to release a standard version with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 system on a chip (SoC) and a Plus variant with an unspecified upgraded chip. It is expected to have up to 12GB RAM and up to512GB internal storage.

It looks like Motorola is preparing to take on Samsung’s flagship foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The Razr’s first two reboots were not the best. The 2019 model came with a $1499 price tag, and several flaws (such as a lumpy screen and creaky hinge, as well as a subpar camera). Motorola’s second iteration was not much better, and 5G didn’t even justify the $1,399 cost.

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