June 18, 2022


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How do I get into Overwatch 2 beta? Overwatch 2 beta

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Overwatch 2 beta

Happy Overwatch 2 Beta Day! As many players awake to discover the golden beta tickets in their mailboxes There will be some with no. However, don’t despair, heroes because Blizzard has created a system that you can be invited to what’s essential, Overwatch 2‘s soft-launch day.

Beginning tomorrow and lasting for a short period of time Anyone who connects their Battle.net account with the Twitch profile and plays at minimum the equivalent of four hours Overwatch 2. from the list of streamers will gain admission to Overwatch 2 beta. The list of streamers is approved here.

In the beta players will be able play The 33rd hero, Sojourn and all the new heroes updates as well as the new Push gameplay mode as well as the five against. five revamp. The beta is available to PC players, however Blizzard is planning to allow the OW2 test play to console gamers in the near future.

The promo begins at 1PM ET on April 27th and runs until 9 PM ET. It is not necessary to watch the same streamer every 4 hours, since your hours of watching will accrue across all channels that have been approved.

If you don’t have the amount of time (or desire) to get admission to the beta by connecting your eyes to Twitch for 4 hours, you can attempt to play using the traditional method of enrolling to be a beta tester through the Overwatch 2.‘s site. The beta will run through May 17, and Blizzard has announced that it will be adding players frequently.

Correction April 26, 1:45 pm ET: Twitch drops to access overwatch beta Overwatch 2 beta begin tomorrow on April 27th. A previous version of this blog post incorrectly stated that drops would begin on the 26th of April.

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