June 29, 2022


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Google Doodle today is a celebration of Naziha Salim. All you must be aware of

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Google Doodle today is a celebration of Naziha Salim

Google Doodle today is an artwork that is a tribute to Naziha Salim’s style of painting and an acknowledgment of her contribution to the world of art. This is everything you need to know about.

Google Doodle today, Saturday 23rd April 2022, paid dedication to Naziha Salim and celebrated her contribution to the art world. “Today’s Doodle artwork is an ode to Salim’s painting style and a celebration of her long-standing contributions to the art world!” Google stated. It is known it was Naziha Salim was a painter who was also a professor and extremely prominent artist of Iraq’s modern art movement. Her work typically depicts the rural Iraqi women and the life of peasants by using vibrant brushstrokes and striking hues. On this day in 2020, Naziha Salim was spotlighted by the Barjeel Art Foundation in their collection of female artists.

The company also provided details about the family of Salim, Google said, “To paint the scene, Salim was born into a family of Iraqi artists in Turkey. Her father was a painter and her mother was a skilled embroidery artist. All three of her brothers worked in the arts, including Jawad, who’s widely considered one of Iraq’s most influential sculptors. From an early age, she enjoyed making her art.”

To finish her degree and continue studying the art of painting Salim took up a place at Baghdad Fine Arts Institute. She received an honorary degree. Through her tireless work and dedication to art, she was among the first women to be awarded the opportunity to pursue her studies at Paris at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts. When she was in Paris, Salim specialized in mural painting and fresco. After graduating she continued to spend several years in the United States and immersed herself in the arts and the culture.

Salim was eventually back in Baghdad and worked for her school, the Fine Arts Institute where she taught until her retirement. She was active in the Iraqi arts community and was among the founders of Al-Ruwwad an organization of artists who study abroad and integrate European techniques of art into an Iraqi aesthetic. Later on, in Salim’s career, Salim published Iraq: Contemporary Art which was a crucial source for the beginnings of Iraq’s contemporary art movement.

Naziha Salim’s work is displayed at The Sharjah Art Museum as well as at Sharjah Art Museum and Modern Art Iraqi Archive. The magic she created with dripping brushstrokes and brimmed canvasses there.

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