EducationE-Adhigam scheme announced with 3 lakh students receiving free Tablets in Haryana...

E-Adhigam scheme announced with 3 lakh students receiving free Tablets in Haryana Find out whether you’re eligible

Haryana government has launched the e-Adhigam scheme. Haryana government has announced the e-Adhigam program in which 3 lakh students received free tablets to quickly access online education.

3 lakh students get tablets for their online education following the Haryana government announced its e-Adhigam program on Thursday. (MINT_PRINT)

On Thursday on Thursday, the Haryana government officially launched the eAdhigam program in Haryana. In the e-Adhigam, also known as the Advance Digital Haryana Initiative of Government with adaptive Modules scheme, around 3 lakh students received free tablets that allow them to access online learning with ease. The tablets are equipped with educational content, personalized educational software, adaptive and contextual learning as well as 2GB of data for free. The students who received tablets were from several government schools in the classes of the 12th and 10th grades. The plan is deemed ambitious because of its huge cost and impact on the entire population. In the initial phase of distribution, Haryana’s state government has decided to set a goal of providing tablets to five lakh students in the 12th and 10th grades in Haryana.

While the initial intention was to give tablets to students in students in classes 12 and 10 The government has now announced that students in class 11 will also get the tablets for free after they have passed the board exams for Class 10 and are eligible for the following year. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said following the launch of the e-Adhigam program on the campus of Maharishi Dayanand University in Rohtak, “From next year, all classes from 9-12 will be covered”. This is also a sign that the government will be planning to make a larger batch of distribution in the coming year.

Haryana government introduced the e-Adhigam scheme in which it provides tablets for free

“Tablets and data are tools for students which will help them acquire skills of the 21st century and open new opportunities. Through e-learning, students of Haryana will become global students,” Khattar stated. In his talk, he spoke about the struggles that many families endured to move to an online learning system for their children during the Covid-19 epidemic. He explained that the e-Adhigam initiative was conceived through Haryana’s Haryana government to deal with these issues. “With these tablets, we will not be limited to classroom teaching, but we will remain connected with the affairs of the world,” the Chief Minister declared.

“The country has set a target to implement this policy by 2030, but our target is 2025,” Khattar said. “We are giving priority to the education sector and out of the state budget of nearly Rs1.70 lakh crore, Rs20,000 crores has been earmarked for education alone,” he added. Education is the most potent weapon that one has to transform our world,” CM Khattar stated, quoting Nelson Mandela. These devices are distributed to students from 119 blocks across the state in a single day as The Minister of Education Kanwar Pal stated.


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