July 5, 2022


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Apple water bottle retails at Rs. 4600; keep yourself healthy, check specs

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Apple water bottle retails at Rs. 4600

After making its customers look trendy by introducing the latest technology and gadgets, Apple is determined to keep its users healthy and cool this summer by introducing the Apple Smart Water Bottle. Find out more about the Apple water bottle’s cost and specifications.

Keep hydrated with the Apple intelligent water bottles, which are the most recent technological marvel of the legendary company. Take a look at the Apple water bottle’s price as well as the specifications (Apple)

Apple intelligent water bottle cost and specs: In the past, Apple was known for its quirky experiments as well as innovative products that were typically introduced years in advance of the times. For instance, Apple came up with the first digital camera that was mainstream for less than $1000, dubbed Apple QuickTake far back.

However, since the 90s the Cupertino-based tech company established its brand in laptops, PCs, and iPhones. Since then, it has been hesitant to venture out of its comfort zone. But, things changed last year when it launched its very first Polishing Cloth. In keeping with the trend, the company has now launched the latest Apple intelligent water bottle. Its Apple drinking bottle comes with the latest technological innovation to emerge from the Apple factories, and the company is claimed that the product will revolutionize the way people drink water. What is the Apple water bottle cost and what innovative features does it have? Check out the article to find out.

The latest Apple intelligent water bottle is dubbed HidrateSpark. It comes in two variations that include HidrateSpark Pro and HidrateSpark Pro steel. The STEEL version is available in gray and black colors, while the Pro version will come in green, red, and blue colors. At present, the products are available only to the US market.

Apple intelligent water bottle pricing and specifications

Its Apple smart water bottle costs $59.95 and would be the equivalent of Rs. 4,600 in India. Although that may be a staggering cost for an efficient water bottle, it’s not a surprise after it was revealed that the Apple Polishing cloth was listed at Rs. 1,900. For a price of the equivalent of Rs. 5000, you will also be able to take advantage of its advanced features that a regular water bottle can’t provide. Keep in mind this: in the age of Covid it’s all about keeping healthy.

Its Apple water bottle has an exclusive feature that monitors the amount of water you drink each day or fluid. Yes, the Apple intelligent water bottle can indeed keep a record of the amount of fluid you consume in a day. It also syncs via your Apple Health app and warns you if you’re not meeting your daily water goal. The bottle is equipped with LED sensors at the bottom that detect the intake of water and notify Apple Health via Bluetooth. The Apple bottle also keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours.

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