June 29, 2022


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1Password’s sync was down for a couple of hours this morning as part of a database upgrade

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When we discuss password managers, particularly those that sync data to cloud storage There’s always a debate about whether or not your data is safe and what happens when the servers fail. The second issue is the situation that 1Password clients in the US experienced earlier this morning due to a security issue that was caused by 1Password.com that stopped desktop, mobile browsers, and desktop clients from synchronizing.

A Status page first reported the issue at 10:42 AM ET and then said it was stabilized with clients able to reconnect at 2:42 PM ET. During the downtime, the status page stated that the issue did not affect the offline data stored on clients. Other domains such as 1password.ca, and 1password.EU or ent.1password.com were functioning.

When I first realized that there was an issue, I noticed the issue on my account when I attempted to store a password and it wouldn’t perform the task. My local clients had all my passwords, and I’m sure that most people did not even realize the issue. But, if you do not save your passwords on a local device or have not had access due to the outage the possibility of an issue.

In a statement in a statement to The Verge 1Password’s CTO Pedro Canahuati said:

Today, 1Password experienced a brief service interruption due to a scheduled database upgrade. It is not a security breach as customer information wasn’t affected at all in any.

It was reported that the 1Password.com service was not available during the downtime and it affected new sign-ups for users as well as the synchronization of newly created data to devices. Our system is designed to ensure that all passwords stored are secure and available locally on devices.

We have stabilized our system while we look into our performance-related regression. The devices of customers should be synchronizing all new data, and signing up is working.

We’re taking steps to prevent any similar issues in the future We’ll be posting regular updates to our website’s status pages as well as social media channels as well as on our blog in the next day or two days.

Anyone using password managers that store information in the cloud may run the risk of having this happen to them, however, it hasn’t appeared to have been disruptive. However, cloud storage can make accessing a myriad of logins on every device you own simpler and also allows features such as the Travel Mode that wipes out any data that is stored on your device in case you’re in a position where it could be taken away or searched. But, given that the brand new 1Password 8 client will only sync with the cloud, and does not provide the option of committing solely to local storage, it’s something you should be conscious of. For those who would prefer storage locally, the company has stated that they can use 1Password 7.

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